Pensees 7/14, 18. RD

Pensees 7/14, 18

Output = blog. Simplest.


What does it say that I need to obey?
What are the tasks for today?
… one is to make a list of things to obey.
This may simply be a list of things to do on a routine basis, as a part of a habit or checklist, as a new discipline for me.

In other words, WHAT IS MY STRATEGY?

I believe, but I’m not following through with identifying the specific things that I should strategically do. I’m leaving the strategy vague and that means my results are less than focused.
THEREFORE turn strategy into a checklist.

I need to revise my concept of architect ideas to reflect my CliftonStrengths. My writing is an expression of my learning plus input strength. It is my open, digital notebook of what I’m learning. I don’t really have a direct need to publish or to make money except with regard to proving myself as an overachiever. I do not wish to emulate Debi’s workaholism in any way.

As a part of understanding learner + input, I want to keep track of what I find interesting and curious, and my Curiosities. The Strategic dimension of 7 of my cliftonstrengths top 10 indicates that I want to apply what I learn to understand my reality and what needs to happen next, which is the essence of strategy.

I am curious about my codependency and I realized this morning that this means I should be curious about workaholism as it is my codependent target, because I’ve experienced it with both Debi and with Allyson. As I come to understand dependency and rescuing, I will also see patterns for how I do this in all aspects of my life.

I’m curious about Romance and what to learn about romance novels and how they stir feelings within women by reading the Heaving Bosoms book by the smart bitches.

I’m curious about my own recovery from the neglect and abandonment as a child so that I can work on my own healing in all those aspects. But this is not yet quite in focus.

Perhaps I can reorganize my Kindle books into collections based on what I’m curious about. Ditto for Evernote and Pocket tags.

Reality disciplines question packet for Fung:
1. What does it say about Reality? (Any misperceptions to correct?)
2. What does it say that I need to obey? (What should be added to my strategy?)
3. How can I incorporate what is true into my Disciplines? (Specific methods?)
4. What questions do I have for the experts? Any answers?

Gauntlet: examine what I am learning by running it through my top 10 cliftonstrengths in order to discern how and why my strategy should be adjusted?

Focus on today: Fung, blog.
1. Define “done” on written sheets.
2. Identify “done” checklist
3. First review = identify what needs to be “done”
4. 2nd review … make corrections, generate material. (Next day(s))
5. 3rd review … final grammar, get page # for Fung quotes.

Daily Burn:
145 calories per hour. (11×317/24)

Elements of flow:

What else is needed?

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