Pensees 7/29, 27, 25/20

Pensees 7/29, 27, 25/20


1. Decision: Dates, format for OPW Class.
School = July 12-23.

2. Decision: teaching feeds writing.
Handout + Introduction
Practice Homework – turn in.
Review and questions.

Start with handouts.
Use sorting process to organize materials.
Work in Scrivener.
Process text in Scrivener every writing day.

3. Writing in Community – Decision for OPW project:
1. Develop in Scrivener, consolidate and rearrange posts.
2. Develop as separate blog posts.
Publish as Kindle book?

Initial story posts.
Discussion (follow up) posts.

Worship is an experience.
It requires no learning, which differentiates it from the ? Corner.
It requires no work, which differentiates it from the Servant Corner.
It requires no supervision, which differentiates it from the Parents and Grandparents Corner.

5. Interpret ARCHITECT of IDEAS Calling through CliftonStrengths paradigm.
5.1 Learners process Input, so I process information; this points to nonfiction rather than fiction.
5.2 Strategy field- Learner

Pensees 7/25/20

Tiny Habits Christians sermon series.
What are the tiny faith disciplines of a Tiny Habits Christian?

Disciple Making 101 – Post COVID Workbook.

Strategies for Fung.
Creating Strategies from Quotes.

Tablet and phone are worthless for editing WordPress posts.

List learning classes:
Happiness project
The Fasting Method
Cloud, Boundaries
BJ Fogg, Tiny Habits

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