Pensees 7/6, 7/13. RD

Pensees 7/6, 7/13

Don’t open up or explore Yes/No questions with Kim. Nor simple answer questions like “What do you want to eat?” These stifle your CliftonStrengths, so you want to employ them.

Goal: able to blog one pomodoro at ANY computer, any location.

Flow requires playing at a challenging level that requires all your talents. You can always adjust the level of challenge. The lowest level is phoning it in and is not inspiring.

Flow requires keeping score, points and stats, so as to provide immediate feedback.
4DX: Set up a compelling Scoreboard.

Who is John Galt? Past time to balance my natural love for God and my neighbor (codependency) with nurture for myself.

ACTIVE … NOT “done to” but doer.
I am an active …
Reader (What?) … Learner/Input (mark trail)
Researcher (seek answers to questions)
Reporter (publish answers)

Givens Ballpark Rule:
What game do I want to play?
What are the rules?
How am I trying to circumvent the rules?

Autofocus = go with the flow.

Decisions about output:
Blog posts?
Kindle books?
Go for audience numbers, ease of access?
Go for it challenge? Fame?

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