P1.S Problems clear?
I often work without an agenda, process or recipe. (Create them and use them.)
I often work on trivialities that have little but superficial benefit. (Deep Work)
I often work without a plan leading to a beneficial future. (Visualize that possible future. What would be the most beneficial future possible? What is the best path between here and now to the blessed future?)

P2.H Opportunities clear?
I can and should ask an omniscient God to adjust the controls on the systems that create my life for my greatest benefit and that of my neighbors.
I will ask what is the best use of my time now.

P3.A Goals clear? (Self-Actualization)
Create a list of goals. Scrivener corkboard?
Scrivener as basic creativity tool?

P4.L Love flows?

P5.O What do I not know or understand?
What can I learn from the various courses to which I subscribe?

P6.M Turbulence in Systems Flow?
Where is a process experiencing difficulty in flow?

Stock market recipe for evaluation?
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