Record my negative feelings thoughts for Burns processing

Record my negative feelings thoughts for Burns processing

Helpless and Hopeless?

Why the resistance to phone calls?
Church disciple making post COVID?
My ministry tasks post COVID?

Fear it’s too late: diabetes
Fear it’s too late: Obesity
Fear it’s too late: COVID
Fear it’s too late: Sexual Health
Fear it’s too late: Sleep

It is a colossal waste of time
Resistance to doing it
No one reads or values my writing
Why not just give up and waste my life? Pointless!
Writing purpose?
Writing purpose post COVID?

MARRIAGE and Emotional Health
What a bitch! I react poorly to anger.
Lack of intimacy, honesty, information.
Avoidance of problem solving, PTSD.
Avoidance of new information
Lack of sexuality and sexual activity, without explanation
Wife entitlement – men don’t matter
Television addiction, irritation of noise
Mistakes (?)

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