Simple PRODUCTIVITY Rules: Writing

Simple PRODUCTIVITY Rules: Writing

Write every day. Work from a habit.
90, 90, 1.
Hemingway The Day.
Write from a detailed plan with a list of next actions which are my pull goals.

Use appropriate tools.
Scrivener for manuscripts. Evernote for quotes. Pocket for websites.

Dictation from CHAMPs file.
The purpose describes the boundaries for your project to be successful. Purpose should reflect the primary criteria for making decisions about goals, organization and priorities of the project.

Develop a habit sequence ritual program routine The Daily Three Tomatoes of writing. Describe the vision so that there will be pull goals that are strong enough to pull me into action.

SMITE + Rewriting works for QNQS.
Architect of Ideas workflow: SMITE.
Source Template crafted. QNQS
Mark trail (identify quote)
Insert quote into specific template,
Transfer onto the blog.
Edit at regular intervals. BRAD.

Set pull goals … what interests, draws, and attracts my attention. What is interesting, fun.

Listen on PC, highlight mark trail on tablet; review chapter marks, upload directly to blog on tablet. Add template on the computer, adjust, add any information, then post. Add N, add Q, add S, rewrite.

Start from a quote that has your attention first. Then you can fill in the blanks.

Move pastoral work to second Evernote account. Divided writing information from operational Church information among these two Evernote accounts.

What causes me to feel pulled is to be pulled toward the very next action in order to move it forward. If that action is clearly specified, it will pull me toward it.

Appointments for writing.
Habitual times and place.
Single-use computers.


The Sleep Plan. Darker room. Sleep mask? Curtains?

Quote from Whitehead, Gretchen Rubin: how can I write without thinking about it or planning it at the time of writing? What were Wesley’s routines and habits for scholarship?

What are the pull goals?

Striving without blessing,
the local environment is not affirming.
The local church is not adapting my Innovations.
Why is that?
Do a diffusion of Innovations analysis.
The local church is not reading my stuff.
My wife is not reading my stuff.
Is the problem with reading?

What is fun with a blessing?
Put what is fun online and invest in revising it.

What is fun is District training.
Post Handouts, post the class and add information and value here.

FUN is playing with the vision. Imagine the outcomes.

Questions troubling me. I am committed, faithful but… If no one is paying attention, why should I bother?


Box of Ideas:
QNQS Short Posts linked to each other for SEO. They are Kindling. Use templates.

Pamela Wilson marketing? Becca Syme?

Yahoo Sitebuilder Website pages … tables, basically.
Convert to blog posts?
Put “sit lower down” as tagline in box of ideas blogs.
Consider Weebly for Websites to replace tables.
Better WordPress themes than 2010.
Authoring Software.
Why are they?

Can IFTTT dump Facebook into a blog?

Define as a prepared path for pastoral work. Put it on the blog ASAP.
Find my rules to obey.
Woop obstacles to obedience.
Learn scrivener tool for novels or Nano or major projects.
How can I turn these projects into classes? Moodle?

Use the bobsled process for Kinmundy posts.

How can I work on the blog without internet?
Answer: SCRIVENER. At Wesley UMC.

What did Wesley do?
WRD … Apply GTD to my writing process.

Correspondence classes, moodle?

AUDIT INVENTORY Delete what is not serving you … which is what for this area?

1. Hemingway boundaries … let the well fill. Stop obsessing. Let go of quantity.

KanBan. Limit work-in-process.
Therefore opw before anything else. Build habits with QNQS short posts followed by rewriting.

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