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1. Sadness: Do you feel sad or down in the dumps?
2. Discouragement: Does the future look hopeless?
3. Low self-esteem: Do you feel worthless?
4. Inferiority: Do you feel inadequate or inferior to others?
5. Guilt: Do you get self-critical and blame yourself?
6. Indecisiveness: Is it hard to make decisions?
7. Irritability: Do you frequently feel angry or resentful?
8. Loss of interest in life: Have you lost interest in your career, hobbies, family or friends?
9. Loss of motivation: Do you have to push yourself hard to do things?
10. Poor self-image: Do you feel old or unattractive?
11. Appetite changes: Have you lost your appetite? Do you overeat or binge compulsively?
12. Sleep changes: Is it hard to get a good night’s sleep? Are you excessively tired and sleeping too much?
13. Loss of sex drive: Have you lost your interest in sex?
14. Concerns about health: Do you worry excessively about your health?
15. Suicidal impulses: Do you have thoughts that life is not worth living or think you’d be better off dead?
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