W9.01: The Rules List

W9.01: The Rules List

DAILY AGENDA OUTPUT: The Daily Path of Wisdom
SHALOM: Every system is perfectly designed to get the results it gets. W. Edwards Deming

Rule: not a day without an agenda.
Tasks clarified before doing; enhances flow.
Balance daily church work in PA.S.TO.R model.
C1 PA:
C2 SR:
C3 TO:
C4 Remainder w/Audible
Health: (FEES): Food, Exercise, Examen, Sleep.
Record weight, blood sugar, and sleep stats.
H1 Intermittent FASTING
What kind of day is it? Normal or Strict?
Food Rules are advisory on Normal days.
Food rules are mandatory on Strict days.

__P7 Morning Clean Routine: brush teeth.
__Keep a daily food diary updated
__no eating between meals: (: record exceptions)
__16 oz veggies (fiber) daily:
__no artificial sweeteners:
__eat real food not processed:
__limit carbs/sugar/fructose today:
__no food after 7:
__P8 Evening Clean Routine: brush teeth or water floss.
H2 Incremental EXERCISE:
__Record: Weights, Steps, Elliptical?
H3 Inexorable EXAMEN:
__Daily Shalom, evenings
H4 Intentional SLEEP
__8+ hours in bed
ARCHITECT of IDEAS = CliftonStrengths Implementation
A1 ONE Tomato: Morning Devotions.
__Daily chapter of Scripture.
__Listening Prayer & Journal.
A2 TWO Tomatoes Reading:
A3 THREE Tomatoes Writing Time: (Hemingway):
__ Read/edit my own blogs by preference.

Every system is perfectly designed to get the results it gets. W. Edwards Deming
Did I work from the agenda today?
What was energizing today?
What was engaging (flow) today?
Did I track exceptions to my food rules today?
Did I do my morning devotions today?
Did I read for my bCHAMPs goals for two tomatoes today?
Did I write for my AoI goals for three tomatoes today?
Did I then “Hemingway” the day?
Did I connect with my Mrs today? DACHA? D+RAGcO? S?
Did I perform my SHALOM Examen today?

Productivity Steward: Track w/Shalom Review:
P1.Solve Problems: Are my Problems Clear today?
__Am I avoiding my Deep Work <- avoiding scheduling it
P2.Harvest Opportunities: Are my Opportunities clear today?
__Am I following my Agenda = Path of Wisdom
P3.Achieve Goals: Are my Goals clear today? (Self-Actualization)
__Architect of Ideas Writing <- did I read and respond to my own writing
P4.Love those who love me: Did Love flow today?
P5.Organize my life with questions?
What do I not know today?
P6.Manage my life with systems:
Where was there Turbulence in Systems Flow today?

Church: contact active families this week.
Health: fast 3x week, 24 or 36 hours, no artificial sweeteners. MWF?
AoI/CS: Deep Work = read and respond to my own writing.
Deep Word is defined as deep work reached by pleasurable flow and completed by publication, typically on my blog. It is fun. It fulfills my MBA Purpose. It is an extension of my preaching ministry.
MRS: Test for Interest, Walk through Open Doors; or Detach. Enjoy Dessert.
Productivity: SHALOM my Systems via a Daily Agenda + Daily Examen.

Please review the page How and Why We Use Quotes.
Key: Woop#9  Last Revision: 11/06/2020

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