BTL 1: 2-19-21

BTL 1: 2-19-21

Quote: (emphasis mine)
Day 1: Why are you here?
Pain is inevitable. Misery is a choice.

The journey here starts with an honest look within. Slow down. Stop running from your pain. Stop numbing what needs, instead, to be uprooted and eradicated. Right honestly why you are here.

Eradicate chronic pain. Embrace acute pain.

CS Lewis: God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks in our conscience, but shouts in our pain; it is His megaphone to rouse a deaf world.

What are my sources of chronic pain? Am I willing to trade a bit of acute pain in the form of action in order to overcome and eliminate a source of ongoing, chronic pain?

My sources of chronic pain: (CHAMP)

Dwindling church attendance
Awareness of aging and closing rural and blue collar churches
The encroachment of death in the United Methodist Church denomination.
Boredom with my church.

Obesity, diabetes, impotence
Poor sleep, exhaustion
Arthritis and difficulty walking.
Boredom with my physical vitality. Lazy.

Resistance and my creative writing
Lack of readers, involvement, dialogue
Lack of interest & investment from readers
Doubt: What does it matter? Is it a waste?
Temptation: shake the dust off my feet. Quit.
Boredom with my writing.

Emotional reactivity in my marriage
Ongoing betrayal in my family, past.
Emotional Wellness deficits unhealed.
Sins which fester and still trouble me.
Empty seats at my banquet tables; lonely.
Community of interesting friends lacking.
Boredom with my life.

Dwindling productivity; disheartening.
Overcome by my Resistance.
Tasks confused by fog of uncertainty.
Feelings of not contributing, worthlessness.
Encroaching death, feebleness, irrelevancy.
Depression: sinking into helpless, hopeless.
Boredom with my work, my opportunities.

Hebrews 12:5-11

What are my sources of chronic pain?
What is God using pain to tell me?
What am I avoiding through chronic pain?
What is my denial?
What is my “drain of addiction” involving my chronic pain?
Can I identify an acute pain which would be an option to overcome a chronic pain?

[1] Scott, Chet, Becoming Built To Lead: 365 Daily Disciplines to Master the Art of Living (Powell, OH: Ethos Collective, 2020), page 4.

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