BTL 4: CORE-centered and self-controlling…

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Day 4: CORE-centered and self-controlling… If you want to master the art of living, friend, you must stop aiming at fitting in.

Masters are not normal, nor do they care. A master in the art of living builds a second nature. All humans come into this world self-centered and other-controlling. Excellence requires that you become CORE-centered and self-controlling. Excellence requires a strong CORE, authentic OPUS, and a discipline to PoP it out through your PAs. These focused few are on their Builder’s Journey and aimed toward their OPUS, their labor of love. Productive action keeps moving them through life’s adversity with hardly a break in stride. Like-minded folks come alongside, and as a band, they pick up speed with their ever-deepening sense of trust. This team is becoming a community with chemistry.



[1] Scott, Chet, Becoming Built To Lead: 365 Daily Disciplines to Master the Art of Living (Powell, OH: Ethos Collective, 2020), page 7.

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