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QUOTE I took the CliftonStrengths test on 7/1/2019. Would you wish me to retake it? It would save a little bit of cost which could benefit you. Why not? My impression is that the results would not change in only 2 years.
My 34:


You lead with Strategic Thinking CliftonStrengths themes.
(Exceptions in parentheses up to #13)
Full documentation:
David Kueker CliftonStrengths 34 Results content

  1. Learner
  2. Strategic
  3. Individualization (RB)
  4. Input
  5. Connectedness (RB)
  6. Self-Assurance (Inf)
  7. Ideation
  8. Futuristic
  9. Intellection
  10. Analytical
  11. Responsibility (Exe)
  12. Achiever (Exe)
  13. Arranger (Exe)
  14. Woo
  15. Significance
  16. Positivity
  17. Focus
  18. Includer
  19. Communication
  20. Maximizer
  21. Command
  22. Developer
  23. Activator
  24. Belief
  25. Relator
  26. Competition
  27. Discipline
  28. Restorative
  29. Harmony
  30. Adaptability
  31. Empathy
  32. Context
  33. Deliberative
  34. Consistency

You lead with Strategic
Thinking CliftonStrengths

EXECUTING themes help you make things happen.
INFLUENCING themes help you take charge, speak up and make sure others are heard.
RELATIONSHIP BUILDING themes help you build strong relationships that hold a team together.

STRATEGIC THINKING themes help you absorb and analyze information that informs better decisions. (7 out of top ten)

MY STRATEGY: (Application)

What gets my attention?
Do I understand the need or problem?
Do I understand the potential solution?
Do I understand how to apply that strategy?
What questions do I have for the experts? What might be the answers?
Who needs to hear this?
What do I do next?

SOURCES – Footnotes:
[1] CliftonStrengths Trademark, content; Copyright © 2018 Gallup, Inc
Test results are for DAVID KUEKER | 07-01-2019



Primary resource link: The CliftonStrengths Assessment by Gallup, Inc.

Donald O. Clifton; From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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