Strategy after Write Faster-Better with Becca Syme

Becca Syme Coaching Notes August 30, 2021, 3 pm – for David Kueker

Every system is perfectly designed to get the results it gets. W. Edwards Deming

Problem: Input>>>Learner creates a flood of ideas waiting for processing … too many to learn with finality. An endless loop without an exit or closure. (95,459+5689 Evernotes)

According to Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints, unfinished work in progress will pile up in front of the system constraint. How do I use the theory of constraints to work through this bottleneck?

The primary problem is still the same. Input is easier than learning, and learning is easier than output as strategy. The latter requires focus and work rather than merely a wandering curious mind. A strategy can be an exit – closure – from an infinite loop of Input>>>Learner.

Locke said, “Reading furnishes the mind only with materials of knowledge; it is thinking that makes what we read ours.”

STRATEGY – the Big Ten

1. Limit input of all kinds = scanning. Do not add to the Input>>>Learner flood.

2. Identify specific “dip niche” products for an interested audience. Ignore the uninterested.

3. Focus on the short form – prevent TL;DR and TL;DW. Blog with a template. Blog first.

4. ENTPs and ENFJs need a big picture to draw us in; connect with people & needs & interests.

5. Plan zero exhausting long-term giant projects; stay interested with one-month topic goals.

6. Have a Monthly Horizon Writing Process. One interesting project focus per month: ship posts.

7. Have a Daily Writing Process: 3 Daily Tomatoes, then Hemingway the Day.

8. Work in my Garden (blogs) … Need & Seed, Weed & Feed, Prune & Tune, Reap & Keep.

9. Respond to audience interest and demand, then expand; otherwise, let topic areas lie fallow.

10. The world is NOT my parish. Be local, be focused, be incarnated into neighborhoods.
(I am not responsible for everything and everyone, everywhere = my codependency.)

Input >>> Learner >>> Output (Strategy Theme)

All of my other CliftonStrengths represent either a means of learning or a means of output, or both. I could use them as a checklist to process information.

  • My Top Ten CliftonStrengths – WBF
  • 1. Learner
  • 2. Strategic
  • 3. Individualization RELATIONSHIP BUILDING
  • 4. Input
  • 5. Connectedness RELATIONSHIP BUILDING
  • 6. Self-Assurance INFLUENCING
  • 7. Ideation
  • 8. Futuristic
  • 9. Intellection
  • 10. Analytical

70% are STRATEGIC THINKING themes – which help you absorb and analyze information that informs better decisions.

19 Interesting Potential Monthly Projects – ranked by priority & interest [Output]

#1. OPW Orientation to Pastoral Work – “how to” manual for first-time pastors. [Ambi blog]

#2. Gospel Imperatives Commentary – Commands of Jesus [Ambi blog]

#3. The One Minute Minister (revision) [Ambi blog]
NEW The One Minute Minister Gets Organized (OPW+PASTOR) [Kindle]

#4. Latest Repackage: DiscipleMaking101 blog, book, class, 4CR, etc. OMM? [Ambi blog]
NEW The One Minute Minister Makes Disciples [Kindle]
Free online course

#5. IDM/Jason Fung and Fasting – ROD Goal. (Reverse Obesity Diabetes) = [RDblog]

#6. Dissertation Commentary – paragraph by paragraph, story by story.

#7. Circles of Grace trilogy of novels? – All three drafted, one self-published [Kindle]

#8. NEW Hero’s Journey Romance novel beat sheet – (Develop a Strategy) – blend research on healthy relationships with Christian romance, differentiation and personal transformation. (I – a pastor – am the Yoda/mentor) November 1, 2021 NANOWRIMO.  (Retirement fun project.)

#9. NEW Love as a Trainwreck … What is the worst that could happen in a marriage to two people in love? (Fictional Memoir … Drama; terrible things make women feel grateful.)

Bin Projects… unconnected blog posts with a common subject theme. (The model for miscellaneous posts books is Up The Organization by Robert Townsend, 1970).

  • #10 Church Productivity Ideas Blog = miscellaneous posts [Ambi blog].
  • #11 My Holiness Project; spirituality, fulfillment, miscellaneous posts = RDblog
  • #12 My Happiness Project; fun, happiness, miscellaneous posts = RDblog
  • #13 Productivity Ideas Blog = Widgets = miscellaneous posts RDblog.
  • #14 Health = miscellaneous posts RDblog
  • #15 Architect of Ideas/Writing life = miscellaneous posts RDblog
  • #16 MRS = miscellaneous posts RDblog
  • #17 Psalms for Broken Hearts (divorce stories) – miscellaneous posts = RDblog
  • #18 Additional topics could be Bookshelf for books that I have loved – nonfiction book reviews
  • #19 “YouTube Empowered Pastor” – YouTube videos for Ministry and local church use.


  • 8. August – Write Faster-Better
  • – Write Fung regarding permission, cooperation, on the Intermittent Fasting project.
  • 9. September: OPW Category – Orientation to Pastoral Work >>> Productivity
  • 10. October: Blog posts on Write Yourself Into Your Dreams by Teri Wade – goal clarity.
  • – or finish Fung Intermittent Fasting project/Health category.
  • 11. November NANOWRIMO (HJ/R) Hero’s Journey/Romance Beat Sheet Rural Christian
  • Romance Series (create structure, plot, characters, world-building)
  • 12. December – OPEN
  • 1. January – Grisham novel Process – HJ/R or Psalms for the Broken Hearted?
  • 2-7. February – July OPEN
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