Thoughts 9/11-18/21


“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined. As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler.”

― Henry David Thoreau

Thoughts 9/11-18/21

Revisit Deep Work class?

Define my Deep Work path.
Define my Deep Work projects.
Treat these as constraints. Exploit them.

Read books rather than articles/stories, which are ephemeral.

Delete input subscriptions as unneeded distractions that waste time and money:

  • emails I don’t open to read.
  • IDM & Facebook page
  • GTD
  • & Facebook page
  • Gallup Strengthsfinder
  • ?
  • and THE MAIN PROBLEM: these resources encourage sophomoric advice giving which doesn’t actually help anyone except for affirmation received by me.

The constraint in church is the people piling up in worship who do not enter the discipleship system and become disciples who then become disciple makers.

The constraint in my health is … NOT paying FEES: fasting, exercise, Examen, sleep.

The constraint in my writing is unfinished work piling up while I distract myself with new ideas.

The constraint in my marriage is … ? What is the system in a marriage? What does a marriage produce/create/build?
What is throughput in a marriage? Loving days?

The constraint in my productivity is unfinished work piled up while I am distracted elsewhere. I need to refocus on throughput.

How can I reform the blogs into products that attract disciples … customers, clients, adopters, etc.

  • 30 and 40 day “challenges”
  • 30 or 40 “day posts”
  • material is free as blog posts, unless you want feedback and personal attention … then you pay for my time. $ devoted to charity



MY STRATEGY: (Application)

What gets my attention?
Do I understand the need or problem?
Do I understand the potential solution?
Do I understand how to apply that strategy?
What questions do I have for the experts? What might be the answers?
Who needs to hear this?
What do I do next?

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