Smitford 2: Opening Image/ Set-Up/ Theme Stated

Smitford Plot Terms:

Act 1
Sequence 2

Introduce H2Opening Image & HookOpening Image/ Set-Up/ Theme Stated


The First Act (1%-25%): Setup. Characters, settings, and themes are introduced within the context of your character’s Normal World. (KM Weiland,

First Act time line.
1% mark. Page: 1 Chapter 1
This opening moment is your opening, the first thing that happens in your story, perhaps even the first line.

Set up, 1% to 12%. Page 1-5
Turn about your characters their goals and the stakes.
(KM Weiland,




Romancing the Beat
Jami Gold Romance Beat Sheet
Save the Cat

Smitford: 11/30/2021 / Update: 11/30/2021

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