Smitford 3: Meet Cute – Inciting Incident – Catalyst

Smitford Plot Terms:

Act 1
Sequence 3

Meet CuteInciting IncidentCatalyst – The moment where life as it is changes. It is the telegram, the act of catching your loved-one cheating, allowing a monster onboard the ship, meeting the true love of your life, etc. The “before” world is no more, change is underway.


Inciting event. 12% Mark. Page 1-40
A turning point occurs halfway through the First Act. This is the Call to Adventure, the moment the normal world is first significantly rocked by the conflict.
(KM Weiland,




Romancing the Beat
Jami Gold Romance Beat Sheet
Save the Cat

Smitford: 11/30/2021 / Update: 11/30/2021

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