Smitford 4: No Way 1 – Inciting Incident – Debate

No Way 1 – Inciting Incident – Debate

Smitford Plot Terms:

Act 1
Sequence 4

No Way 1Inciting IncidentDebate – But change is scary and for a moment, or a brief number of moments, the main character doubts the journey they must take. Can I face this challenge? Do I have what it takes? Should I go at all? It is the last chance for the hero to chicken out.


Inciting event. 12% Mark. Page 1-40
A turning point occurs halfway through the First Act. This is the Call to Adventure, the moment the normal world is first significantly rocked by the conflict.
(KM Weiland,

Build up. 12% to 25%. Page 24-50
The final pieces necessary for the main conflict are moved into position, while ramping up the tension.
(KM Weiland,
Chapter 2 Page 19
Chapter 3 Page 37




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Smitford: 11/30/2021 / Update: 11/30/2021

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