Smitford 6: Phase 2: Falling in Love … Act Two – – No Way 2 – Pinch Point #1 – B Story

Smitford Plot Terms:

Phase 2: Falling in Love … Act Two – – No Way 2 – Pinch Point #1 – B Story

Act 2
Sequence 6

Second act.
Reaction. 25% to 37%. Page 50-74 Chapter 4
After the first plot point, the protagonist scrambles to understand obstacles thrown in his way by the antagonist.
(KM Weiland,

First pinch Point. 37% mark. Page 74 Chapter 5
A reminder of the antagonist power, which provides new clues about the nature of the conflict.
(KM Weiland,

Realization. 37% to 50%. Page 74-100
Protagonist realisation grows and his reactions become more informed.
(KM Weiland,

Phase 2: Falling in LoveAct TwoAct Two
No Way 2Pinch Point #1 [Not the same as “No Way 2,” just sort of lines up]B Story – This is when there’s a discussion about the Theme – the nugget of truth. Usually, this discussion is between the main character and the love interest. So, the B Story is usually called the “love story”. [Again, this doesn’t line up exactly with what’s in this row]

(KM Weiland,




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Smitford: 11/30/2021 / Update: 11/30/2021

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