Notes from 2022 Five Day Academy

Notes from 2022 Five Day Academy
April 24-29, 2022, King’s House, Belleville, Il


INPUT #4 – I am scanning and noticing information in my environment.
This is how information enters my intellectual system. The door.
Problem: I am flooded/overwhelmed with unprocessed information.

LEARNER #1 – I process this information as a Learner – this is Process #1.
Word of Knowledge.
Output: A quote + what I learned – both in the form of ideas. Truth, “what to know”
Problem: What am I learning? (Not much … I think it’s come to a halt, or a trickle.)

STRATEGIC #2 – I apply this information to my life and the life of others. This is Process #2.
Word of Wisdom: application to life … “what to do”
Output: What can be done?

The lesson is improved.
INDIVIDUALIZATION #3 (customized for me first)
CONNECTEDNESS #5 – connect with others, drawing into community.


QNQS Format + a bottom block for metainformation
Project templates developed
One point made per post.
Reported in the post title, number in order, and dated.


  1. Organize posts into projects (in a page), and chapters into categories.
  2. Create a misc remainder project bin for all other posts. Usually in draft form.
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