22 Interesting Potential Monthly Projects [Output]

22 Interesting Potential Monthly Projects [Output]

1. OPW Orientation to Pastoral Work – “how to” manual for first-time pastors. [Ambi blog]

2. CLM Training [Ambi blog]

3. Gospel Imperatives Commentary [Ambi blog]

4. IDM/Jason Fung and Fasting – ROD Goal. (Reverse Obesity Diabetes) = [RDblog]

5. The One Minute Minister (revision) – [Ambi blog]
Move to Scrivener, Kindle, add questions

6. Latest Repackage: DiscipleMaking101 blog, book, class, 4CR, etc. OMM? [Ambi blog]
Move to Scrivener, Kindle,

7. Circles of Grace trilogy of novels? – All three drafted, one self-published [Kindle]
Move to Scrivener, Kindle,

8. “YouTube Empowered Pastor” for the application of YouTube videos to Ministry and church use. [Ambi blog]

9. Dissertation Commentary? – paragraph by paragraph, story by story. [Ambi blog]

Bin Projects…

Unconnected blog posts with a common subject theme. (The model for miscellaneous posts books is “Up The Organization” by Robert Townsend, 1970).

10. Church Productivity Ideas Blog = miscellaneous posts [Ambi blog].

11. Health = RDblog

12. Architect of Ideas/Writing life = RDblog

13. MRS = RDblog

14. Productivity Ideas Blog = Widgets = miscellaneous posts Rdblog

15. My Holiness Project; spirituality, fulfillment, miscellaneous posts = RDblog

16. My Happiness Project; fun, happiness, miscellaneous posts = RDblog

17. Psalms for Broken Hearts (divorce stories) – miscellaneous posts = RDblog

18. Bookshelf: Additional topics could be Bookshelf for books that I have loved – nonfiction book reviews – Church = [Ambi blog]

19. NEW Hero’s Journey Romance novel beatsheet – (Develop a Strategy) – blend research on healthy relationships with Christian romance, differentiation and personal transformation. (I – a pastor – am the Yoda/mentor) November 1, 2021 NANOWRIMO: .

20. NEW Love as a Trainwreck… What is the worst that could happen in a marriage to two people in love? (Fictional Memoir … Drama; terrible things make her feel grateful for her life.)

21. NEW The One Minute Minister Gets Organized (OPW+PASTOR)

22. NEW The One Minute Disciple Maker

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