Writing Log = Wlog

4-11-2018 At Library. Added Writing/Editing Category … supposed to allow those posts to surface for working … but there is no bulk category changer. Changed time date to 4.1.18, with each post in the category taking one hour … allows many insertions. Next section will be 4.3.18, etc – two days per section. Instructions:  select the posts. You can identify the default time, then adjust with the picker. Then open Bulk Actions, select Change the Date and click Apply to make the changes.

Contacted author of Advanced Bulk Actions plug in to request bulk category change. Installed Bulk Move plugin, which moves posts within tags and categories. The move is permanent, so needs to be carefully done.


Add source names to beginning of all quotes, example:  Sarah Hallberg:

Uniform plug ins, all blogs.

Recipe: move WordPress KW blog to Siteground.